VisionS and beliefs

For our complete statement of faith, please refer to KAPC Confessional Statement.


 “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” – John 1:5


 IGNITE in the individual: That God would illuminate our hearts that we would begin to have a deeper understanding of the realities of God. That we would move from empty blindness, to fulfilled life filled with God’s light; that the understanding of who Jesus is would be real and personal, more so than simply being conceptual.

IGNITE within the church: That God would illuminate our hearts to be able to see hurts and pain of others, and learn to love and care for one another within the ministry.

IGNITE in outreach: That God would illuminate through us and use them to reveal Himself to the communities we’re in. That the vision of outreach will not only be in our own communities, but towards a bigger heart towards missions


Jr High: Connect

"I am the vine; you are the branches.Whoever abides in me and I in him bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing." -John 15:5


As a ministry, our focus is to connect students from elementary life stage to prepare them for the adolescent life stage, by creating a space where they can feel open to learn what it means to take hold of their own faith. Our focus is to make the connection between childhood to adolescent and Biblical knowledge to application through service and teaching.

MEeting times

Sunday worship

Worship Service in the Faith Center Chapel



Bible Study in the Faith Center classrooms


Feb 1: Outing (Bowling)
Feb 8: Bible Study
Feb 15: Bible Study
Feb 22: BREAK

March-May, TBA

Bible studies, fellowship events, youth group outings
Dinner provided



Bill J. M. Kim
sr. high pastor

Pastor Bill is in the graduating class at Westminster Seminary California, having graduated from UCSD with a Biology/Psych dual degree that he no longer needs. After infamously commuting every weekend to Norcal for 3 years for ministry, finally found home at CPC in 2017 through God’s grace.

Certain things he loves includes Bay Area sports (+Maple Leafs Hockey), praising w/ guitar, getting his ankles broken in basketball, killin' it on the claw machine, and talking about Jesus with anyone and everyone.

If anyone wants to debate the legitimacy of Steph Curry's MVPs, need a listening ear to talk to, or simply want to just chill over some good food - feel free to hit him up at any time!



terrance y. Kimm
jr. high pastor

Pastor Terrance is a current student at Westminster Seminary California, as well as the reigning Mario Kart champion at CPCYG. Legends have it, that his streak of dominance at CPC started around 14 years ago, and he has never left the throne ever since.

Certain things he loves includes anything comic book related (his favorite superhero of all-time being Spiderman), wrestling with pandas, vlogging all his food adventures, and caring for every person he meets with a love like Jesus.

If you are a fellow comic book enthusiast, an avid yelper, passionate about certain asian bear that eats bamboo, or want to share your heart with someone that will absolutely care for you - PT is the man!