We currently live in a world which denies the deity of Christ, His atoning work, and even the existence of God Himself - and it is our desire to experience the worship of God in places where worship didn't exist prior, and to see it increase where it has just begun.

God has faithfully provided us with opportunities this summer for us to go to the ends of the earth to gain a greater heart for God’s world that is much bigger than the comfortable bubble we live in. Join us as we pray for the Lord of the harvest to send out more workers into the harvest field!

Applications due March 10th to Pastor Bill Kim
Open to all High School students, Grades 9-12


Intra-States: Alaska

  • June 27-July 6th (date might change +/- 1days)

  • Leaders: Pastor Bill Kim & 2 Adult Staff

  • ~$1050/student, after church support

  • VBS, evangelism, homeless outreach, Eskimo people outreach in the villages

  • Students will participate in activities such as children’s Bible study (VBS), using drama, dance, song, and one-on-one conversation to share the Gospel; church and missionary encouragement; and learning the lifestyle of a missionary.

  • We will also have the special opportunity, of doing village outreach where the Alaskan Eskimos live. A very unique opportunity to reach the unreached, at the northern “ends of the world”


Overseas: Colombia

  • July 8th-20th (date might change +/- 1days)

  • Leader: Pastor Bill Kim & 1 Adult Staff

  • ~$1250/student, after church support

  • Evangelism, VBS, community outreach

  • More Evangelism focused, students will be focused on sharing the Gospel in the community through street & door-to-door evangelism. They will also be involved with VBS, as well as community outreach to help build up the local church & ministries. There will be much street and door-to-door evangelism.

Application (download)

Tentative Calendar:

2.15    – Missions Night (Friday)
3.10    – Applications Due, final deadline (Sunday)
3.13    – Teams determined

3.23** – Orientation

3.30    – Training 1 – Biblical Theology of Missions (Sections 1,10)
4.06    – Training 2 – Fundraising (2)
4.13    – Training 3 – Doctrine of Lordship (3)
4.27    – Training 4 – Spiritual Disciplines (4) (1/3 Payment Due)
5.04    – Training 5 – Essential Theology (5)
5.11    – Training 6 – Evangelism / Culture (6)
5.18    – Training 7 – Lifestyle Transformation (7) (1/3 Payment Due)
5.25    – Training 8 – Servanthood (8)
6.08    – Training 9 – Post-Missions Syndrome (1/3 Payment Due)
6.22** – Super Saturday / Evangelism Day
6.24-6.26**   – Morning Prayer Week

8.10(Sat)** – Missions Banquet